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XtremeLabs Releases New Demo Video for Learners

XtremeLabs has always aimed to provide its learners with the newest features and platform updates and want to make sure our learners understand and are able to utilize all of the platform features.  While we provide learners with all of the step-by-step instructions on how to navigate their account portal and lab environments in our Student User Guide, we know many students are visual learners. As part of our recent announcement about the XtremeLabs’ Learning Experience Platform (LXP), we have released a detailed demo video for our learners. The demo video lets the learners dive deeper into our LXP and prepare themselves for the transition.

The learners’ demo video covers :

  • Account registration and logging in – The video will cover the process in creating a new account and the steps in which learners will go through to login to their account portal.
  • Access codes redemption and lab launching – The video explains how learners can redeem their access codes and launch their labs.
  • Accessing MS Learn and customized content – The demo video elaborates on how learners can access MS Learn and other customized content in the XtremeLabs’ Learning Experience Platform (LXP).
  • A detailed demonstration of the lab environment and related features – The demo video navigates learners through the lab environment and demonstrates some of the new and updated features available to learners in the lab environment.
  • Technical support resources– The video will explain the various ways to contact the XtremeLabs support team. Our learners can use any of the preferred means to contact our support team, who are available to assist 24/7.

You can watch the video and get familiar with the platform updates and features.

This demo video is specially designed for our new and existing users to support them and provide an additional resource to navigate the lab environment. We are in the process of releasing feature-specific demo videos. If you are interested in learning more about our VMless lab or any of the other features, schedule your live lab demo with our Sales Team.