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XtremeLabs Now Offers VMless Digital Hands-on Labs

XtremeLabs now offers VMless labs! Our traditional hands-on labs have utilized the latest Virtual Machine (VM) technology for full digital lab experiences. Now we offer all of the benefits of our traditional labs in a lightweight, modern user experience!

VMless labs are suitable for learners interested in exploring technology topics in the cloud, such as Azure, AWS, and GCP. VMless labs offer greater flexibility and an increased ability to integrate with additional content and features. VMless labs can still be launched from the XtremeLabs Learning Experience Platform:, as well as other integrated platforms. Launches are faster and more seamless than ever.

The popular XtremeLabs Cloud Express Pass (CEP) is included in all labs with cloud-based exercises. CEP resources are fully managed and maintained by XtremeLabs, meaning that the cloud resources you need for the lab exercises are already set up and ready for lab use. These labs are designed for several types of users:

  1. Individual learners – whether self-practice or high stakes
  2. Classroom learners, where students expect to join their instructor’s group or a cohort of students practicing the lab exercises at the same time
  3. Cloud-based technology learners and classrooms

The VMless labs include the following:

  • Lab Steps
  • VM controls
  • Lab Action Menu

The lab steps overlay can be expanded or collapsed back to its original screen size. It allows learners to use their physical, virtual machines to complete their learning process.

Here are a few different views of XtremeLabs’ VMless digital hands-on labs:

Individual Learner in Azure Lab

This is a view of XtremeLabs’ VMless lab environment for individual learners. They will see the Lab Steps Overlay section on the left side of their screen, with the VM controls and Lab Actions menu on the right side.


Classroom Learner in Azure Lab

This VMless lab environment view is for learners who are part of a classroom. This specific lab environment corresponds to the cloud-based (Azure) labs that include XtremeLabs CEP in the VM control section (right side of the screen).


Classroom Learner Using Chat

In this VMless lab environment, learners are part of an active classroom and use the classroom chat functionality to interact with their peers and instructors. Instructors can have seamless communication with their students in our VMless lab environment.


Taking Notes for Later Use in Azure Lab

This VMless lab environment allows the individual and classroom learners to take notes during their learning process to either share with their instructors or for later usage. The lab notes can easily be edited, downloaded, and shared with the instructor.


If you are interested in learning more about our VMless lab, please get in touch with our Sales Team to book a live lab demo.