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XtremeLabs' Easy-to-use, turn-key browser-based student experience takes stress out of learning process, allows focus on knowledge retention, practical application.

The immersive experience offered by XtremeLabs, utilizes existing, local computer operating systems, applications and network software.

XtremeLabs offers immediate, easily-accessible student lab progress and performance reporting for instructors & higher education organizations.

XtremeLabs supports Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) via EdX to accommodate thousands upon thousands of learners worldwide.

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Why XtremeLabs?


  • Hands-on labs support a kinesthetic learning method
  • Immersive lab environment complements online multimedia courseware
  • Replicates real-life IT environments including complex network configurations
  • Prepares students for actual / relevant problem scenarios
  • The Lab Hosting System creates a unique sandboxed environment for each test user


  • The environment provides all of the Virtual Machines (VMs) required to test skills in a specific scenario
  • A user accesses their test session from a browser from any device on the Internet
  • Sessions can be initiated from a proctored on-site classroom or a home computer
  • Lab sessions can be launched directly from any LTI 1.0 compliant LMS (Learning Management System) or from XtremeLabs' Own environment