Course NumberCourse Title
10135BConfiguring, Managing and Troubleshooting Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 2 (English)
10174BConfiguring and Administering Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 (English)
10231BDesigning a Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 Infrastructure (English)
10262ADeveloping Windows® Applications with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 (English)
10264ADeveloping Web Applications with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 (English)
10266AProgramming in C# with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 (English)
10550AProgramming in Visual Basic with Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 (English)
10748CPlanning and Deploying System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (English)
10958BProgramming Fundamentals of Web Applications (English)
10961CAutomating Administration with Windows PowerShell® (English)
10962CAdvanced Automated Administration with Windows PowerShell® (English)
10964CCloud & Datacenter Monitoring with System Center Operations Manager (English)
10965DIT Service Management with System Center Service Manager (English)
10967AFundamentals of a Windows Server® Infrastructure (English)
10969BActive Directory® Services with Windows Server® (English)
10972BAdministering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server (English)
10974BDeploying Windows Servers (English)
10975AIntroduction to Programming (English)
10977BUpdating Your SQL Server Skills to Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 (English)
10979FMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals (English)
10982CSupporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10
10985CIntroduction to SQL Databases
10986BUpdating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016 (English)
10987CPerformance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases
10988CManaging SQL Business Intelligence Operations
10990CAnalyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services
10992BIntegrating On-Premises Core Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure
10993AIntegrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure (English)
10994BData Analysis Fundamentals Using Excel
10996AHybrid Cloud and Datacenter Monitoring with Operations Management Suite (OMS)
10997COffice 365 Administration and Troubleshooting (English)
10998AUpdating Your Skills to SQL Server 2017
10999ASQL Server on Linux
20331BCore Solutions of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 (English)
20332BAdvanced Solutions of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 (English)
20334BCore Solutions of Skype for Business 2015 (English)
20339-1APlanning and Administering SharePoint 2016 (English)
20339-2AAdvanced Technologies of SharePoint 2016 (English)
20341BCore Solutions of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 (English)
20342BAdvanced Solutions of Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 (English)
20345-1BAdministering Microsoft Exchange Server 2016/2019
20345-2BDesigning and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016/2019
20347BEnabling and Managing Office 365 (English)
20398APlanning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and On-Premises Tools (English)
20398BPlanning for and Managing Devices in the Enterprise: Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and On-Premises Tools (English)
20410DInstalling and Configuring Windows Server® 2012 (English)
20411DAdministering Windows Server® 2012 (English)
20412DConfiguring Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services (English)
20413CDesigning and Implementing a Server Infrastructure (English)
20414CImplementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure (English)
20416BImplementing Desktop Application Environments (English)
20417DUpgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server® 2012 (English)
20461CQuerying Microsoft SQL Server® 2014 (English)
20461DQuerying Microsoft SQL Server® 2014 (English)
20462DAdministering Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 (English)
20463DImplementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 (English)
20464DDeveloping Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases (English)
20465DDesigning Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (English)
20466DImplementing Data Models and Reports with SQL Server 2014 (English)
20467DDesigning Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (English)
20480BProgramming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (English)
20481CEssentials of Developing Windows® Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript (English)
20482CAdvanced Windows® Store App Development Using HTML5 and JavaScript (English)
20483BProgramming in C# (English)
20484CEssentials of Developing Windows® Store Apps Using C# (English)
20486DDeveloping ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications (English)
20487BDeveloping Windows Azure™ and Web Services (English)
20488BDeveloping Microsoft SharePoint® Server 2013 Core Solutions (English)
20489BDeveloping Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013 Advanced Solutions (English)
20532DDeveloping Microsoft Azure Solutions
20533EImplementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
20535AArchitecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
20537BConfiguring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack
20687DConfiguring Windows® 8.1 (English)
20688DSupporting Windows® 8.1 (English)
20695CDeploying Windows Desktops and Enterprise Applications (English)
20696CAdministering System Center Configuration Manager and Intune (English)
20697-1DImplementing and Managing Windows 10
20697-2CDeploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services
20698BInstalling and Configuring Windows 10
20703-1BAdministering System Center Configuration Manager (English)
20703-2AIntegrating MDM and Cloud Services with System Center Configuration Manager
20740CInstallation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016
20741BNetworking with Windows Server 2016 (English)
20742BIdentity with Windows Server 2016 (English)
20743CUpgrading Your Skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016
20744BSecuring Windows Server 2016 (English)
20745BImplementing a Software-Defined DataCenter (English)
20761CQuerying Data with Transact-SQL
20762CDeveloping SQL Databases
20764CAdministering a SQL Database Infrastructure
20765CProvisioning SQL Databases
20767CImplementing a SQL Data Warehouse
20768CDeveloping SQL Data Models
20773AAnalyzing Big Data with Microsoft R (English)
20774APerform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning (English)
20775APerforming Data Engineering on Microsoft HD Insight (English)
20776APerforming Big Data Engineering with Microsoft Cloud Services
20778CAnalyzing Data with Power BI
20779BAnalyzing Data with Excel (English)
21410DInstallieren und Konfigurieren von Windows Server® 2012 (German)
21411DVerwalten von Windows Server® 2012 (German)
21412DKonfigurieren von Advanced Windows Server® 2012 Services (German)
21697-1BInstallieren und Konfigurieren von Windows 10 (German)
21697-2BBereitstellen und Verwalten von Windows 10 mit Enterprise Services (German)
22341BSolutions principales de Microsoft® Exchange Server 2013 (French)
23410BWindows Server® 2012 のインストールおよび構成 (Japanese)
23687BWindows® 8 の構成 (Japanese)
23688AWindows® 8 の管理と保守 (Japanese)
23695CWindows デスクトップおよびエンタープライズ アプリケーションの展開 (Japanese)
23696CSystem Center Configuration Manager および Intune の管理 (Japanese)
23697-1BWindows 10 のインストールと構成 (Japanese)
23697-2Bエンタープライズ サービスによる Windows 10 の展開と管理 (Japanese)
28480BHTML5 程序设计 – 使用 JavaScript 与CSS3 (Chinese (Simplified))
29480BHTML5 程式設計 – 混搭 JavaScript 與 CSS3 (Chinese (Traditional))
29761A使用T-SQL查詢資料 (Chinese (Traditional))
40332APartner Applied Workshop: What’s New in Windows® 10 (English)
6292AInstalling and Configuring Windows® 7 Client (English)
6293ATroubleshooting and Supporting Windows® 7 in the Enterprise (English)
6419BConfiguring, Managing and Maintaining Windows Server® 2008-based Servers (English)
6425CConfiguring and Troubleshooting Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory® Domain Services (English)
10175AMicrosoft® SharePoint® 2010, Application Development (English)
10747DAdministering System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager
10984ADeploying and Managing Office 365 Hybrid Deployments
10989AAnalyzing Data with Power BI (English)
20777AImplementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions
20461AAbfragen in Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 (German)
21462AVerwalten von Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012-Datenbanken (German)
21463AImplementieren eines Data Warehouse mit Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 (German)
23347AOffice 365 の有効化と管理
40502GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Big Data & Visualization
40503GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Enterprise-ready Cloud
40504GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Intelligent Vending Machines
40505GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Internet of Things
40506GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Lift and Shift/Azure Resource Manager
40507GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Microservices Architecture
40508GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Modern Cloud Apps
40509GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: OSS DevOps
40510GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: SQL Server Hybrid Cloud
40511GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Continuous Delivery with VSTS and Azure
40513GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Building a Resilient IaaS Architecture
40514GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Data Platform Upgrade
40515GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Enterprise-Class Networking
40516GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Intelligent Analytics
40518GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Azure security and management
40520GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Optimized Architecture
40523GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Blockchain
40524GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Linux Lift & Shift
40525GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Media AI
40527GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Security, Privacy, and Compliance
40528GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
40529GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Big Compute
40530GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Cognitive Services and Deep Learning
40534GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Securing PaaS
40535GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Serverless Architecture
40550GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Windows Server and SQL Server 2008-R2 end of support planning
40551AMicrosoft Security Workshop: Enterprise Security Fundamentals
40552AMicrosoft Security Workshop: Managing Identity
40553AMicrosoft Security Workshop: Planning for a Secure Enterprise – Improving Detection
6416DUpdating Your Windows Server® 2003 Technology Skills to Windows Server® 2008 (English)
6426CConfiguring and Troubleshooting Identity and Access Solutions with Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory® (English)
Vmware NSXVMware NSX – Install , configure, manage
AZ-100T01-AManaging Azure Subscriptions and Resources
AZ-100T02-AImplementing and Managing Storage
AZ-100T03-ADeploying and Managing Virtual Machines
AZ-100T04-AConfigure and Manage Virtual Networks
AZ-100T05-AManage Identities
AZ-101T01-AMigrate Servers to Azure
AZ-101T02-AImplement and Manage Application Services
AZ-101T03-AImplement Advanced Virtual Networking
AZ-101T04-ASecure Identities
AZ-200T01-ASelect the Appropriate Azure Technology Development Solution
AZ-200T02-ADevelop for Azure Storage
AZ-200T03-ADevelop Azure Platform as a Service Solutions
AZ-200T04-AImplement Security in Azure Development Solutions
AZ-300T01-ADeploying and Configuring Infrastructure
AZ-300T02-AImplementing Workloads and Security
AZ-300T03-AUnderstanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions
AZ-300T04-ACreating and Deploying Apps
AZ-300T06-ADeveloping for the Cloud
MB-200T01-ADynamics: Power platform fundamentals
MB-200T02-ADynamics Power platform automation
MB-200T03-ADynamics Power platform integrations
MB-200T04-ADynamics: Power platform test and deploy
MB-210T01-ADynamics 365 for customer engagement for Sales
MB-230T01-ADynamics 365 for customer engagement for Customer Service
MD-100T01-AInstalling Windows 10
MD-100T02-AConfiguring Windows 10
MD-100T03-AProtecting Windows 10
MD-100T04-AMaintaining Windows 10
MS-100T01-AOffice 365 Management Lab
MS-100T02-AMicrosoft 365 Tenant and Service Management
MS-100T03-AMicrosoft 365 Identity Management
MS-101T01-AMIcrosoft 365 Security Management
MS-101T02-AMicrosoft 365 Compliance Management
MS-101T03-AMicrosoft 365 Device Management
MS-200T01-AUnderstanding the Modern Messaging Infrastructure
MS-200T02-AManaging Client Access and Mail Flow
MS-200T03-AManaging Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery
MS-201T01-ADefining a Hybrid Messaging Strategy
MS-201T02-AManaging Messaging Security, Hygiene, and Compliance
MS-300T01-AManaging Office 365 Content Service
MS-300T02-AManaging SharePoint Online
MS-300T03-AConfiguring Microsoft Teams
MS-300T04-AEnabling Office 365 Workloads for Collaboration
MS-301T01-AImplementing SharePoint 2019 Infrastructure
MS-301T02-AImplementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications
MS-301T03-AImplementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
MS-301T04-AImplementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications
MS-500T01-AManaging Microsoft 365 Identities
MS-500T02-AMicrosoft 365 Threat Protection
MS-500T03-AManage Information Protection
MS-500T04-AMicrosoft 365 Compliance Management
VMware vSphereVMware vSphere: Fast Track
DP-200T01-AImplementing an Azure Data Solution
DP-201T01-ADesigning an Azure Data Solution
AZ-500T00-AMicrosoft Azure Security Technologies
AZ-900T01-AMicrosoft Azure Fundamentals
MB-240T01-AConfiguring Dynamics 365 for Field Service
MB-240T02-AWork Order and Delivery Execution for Dynamics 365 for Field Service
MB-240T03-AUniversal Resource Scheduling for Dynamics 365 for Field Service
AZ-103T00-AMicrosoft Azure Administrator
AZ-400T01-AImplementing DevOps Development Processes
AZ-400T02-AImplementing Continuous Integration
AZ-400T03-AImplementing Continuous Delivery
AZ-400T04-AImplementing Dependency Management
AZ-400T05-AImplementing Application Infrastructure
AZ-400T06-AImplementing Continuous Feedback
AZ-400T07-ADesigning a DevOps Strategy
DP-100T01-ADesigning and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure
MS-900T01-AMicrosoft 365 Fundamentals
MB-220T01-AConfigure settings and core functionality in Dynamics 365 for Marketing
MB-220T02-ASet up events and surveys in Dynamics 365 for Marketing
MB-900T01-AMicrosoft Business Applications Fundamentals
AI-100T01-ADesigning and Implementing an Azure AI Solution
DP-050T00-AMigrate SQL workloads to Azure
WS-050T00-AMigrating Application Workloads to Azure
MS-100T00-AMicrosoft 365 Identity and Services
MS-101T00-AMicrosoft 365 Mobility and Security
MB-400T00-APowerApps Developer
MD-100T00-AWindows 10
MD-101T00-AManaging Modern Desktops
AZ-120T00Designing and Deploying SAP on Azure
DP-070T00Migrate Open Source Data Workloads to Azure
40519GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: SAP NetWeaver on Azure
40558GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Line of Business application migration
40562GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Migrating SQL databases to Azure
40564GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Securing the IoT end to end
40522GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Azure Stack
10981AInfrastructure Provisioning with System Center Virtual Machine Manager
20415BImplementing a Desktop Infrastructure
20694BVirtualizing Enterprise Desktops and Apps
21742BIdentitätsverwaltung mit Windows Server 2016
40349BWindows Operating System Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-349
40361ASoftware Development Fundamentals: Training for MTA Exam 98-361
40363AWeb Development Fundamentals: Training for MTA Exam 98-363
40366BNetworking Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-366
40367BSecurity Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-367
40369ACloud Fundamentals: MTA Exam 98-369
40372AMicrosoft .NET Fundamentals: Training for MTA Exam 98-372
40375AHTML5 Application Development Fundamentals: Training for MTA Exam 98-375
40559GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop – MLOps
40561GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Machine Learning
40563GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Real-time data with Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale
40512GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: App Modernization
40531GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: IoT for Business
40557GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Cosmos DB Real Time Advanced Analytics
40501GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: Containers and DevOps
40526GMicrosoft Cloud Workshop: SAP HANA on Azure
MS-030T00-AOffice 365 Administrator
VMware HorizonVMware Horizon: Install, Configure, Manage
VMware vSphereVMware vSphere: Optimize and Scale
VMware vSphereVMware vSphere: What’s New 5.5 to 6.7
VMware vSphereVMware vSphere: Skills for Operators
VMware Virtual SANVMware Virtual SAN: Deploy & Manage
VMware vSphereVMware vSphere: Troubleshooting Workshop
VMware vRealize AutomationVMware vRealize Automation: Install, Configure, Manage
VMware vRealize OperationsVMware vRealize Operations: Install, Configure, Manage
VMware NSX-T Data CenterVMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage
VMware NSX-T Data CenterVMware NSX-T Data Center: Troubleshooting and Operations
VMware Integrated OpenStackVMware Integrated OpenStack
VMware vCloud DirectorVMware vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage
VMware vCenter Site Recovery ManagerVMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager: Install, Configure, Manage