What’s New? XtremeLabs Releases New UI Updates

As always, XtremeLabs is committed to providing the best learning experience to its users. We have released several new user interface (UI) updates. New updates include: Branding Feature (Header and Footer) Dashboard Feature Active Session Sharing Branding Feature...

XtremeLabs Provides Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Users

Performance monitoring is crucial to an evaluation in the virtual learning process. XtremeLabs has launched the Dashboard feature, which provides instructors with a comprehensive snapshot of students’ real-time performance. The dashboard feature allows...

XtremeLabs Adds Virtual Meetings Integration to Enhance Learning Experience

October 2020
XtremeLabs adds virtual meeting integration to assist the instructors and faculty in managing virtual classes. All the major virtual meeting providers are supported including Zoom®, Microsoft Teams ®, Cisco Webex®, Adobe Connect®, and others. XtremeLabs continues to innovate and make lives easier for our instructors and learners!