XtremeLabs Attends the 43rd PTC Summit!

The XtremeLabs Certification & Examination (XCE) product allows proctors, instructors and other training experts to monitor and receive real-time results of those learning in the lab environment. The stress-free XCE product design eases testing anxiety and facilitate a rapid course retention. Through the XCE product we have been able to score over 200,000 tasks across 50+ technology platforms. In the past 12 months, XtremeLabs has scored over 90,000 hours of student sessions. The assessment environment can be adapted to native languages. This has allowed XtremeLabs to deliver Performance Based Testing in over 150 countries.

This week XtremeLabs sponsored and attended the 43rd PTC Summit in Montreal, Quebec. As always, the PTC Summit was the best! Julie and Catherine are great at organizing this event and bringing together SME’s from various industries to discuss their success and not always success stories. Special thanks go out to David Elfassy and his staff for hosting the event in his beautiful city. The weather was not very kind to us but nevertheless, we enjoyed the warmth of his city and his hospitality. Topics presented at the summit included: The evolution of a Performance Based Exam, Scaling issues with Performance testing and how to approach improvements, Simulations as a Performance-Based Testing Solution, and the daily challenges of deploying and running a Performance-Based testing program.

Thank you Julie and PTC! Looking forward to the next Summit in March 2020!

XtremeLabs is a Proud Platinum Sponsor of the MCT Summit 2019 Europe!

XtremeLabs was honored to be a platinum sponsor for the MCT Summit 2019 Europe event held in Lithuania on September 18 – 21. The event offered our team the opportunity to engage MCTs and address their needs with the ever-changing world of Microsoft and the training tools needed to deliver professional training. Meetings were held with Microsoft and the MCT community covering a variety of topics ranging from existing and new content, content matching up with the training labs, and what is coming down the horizon in the lab space.   Especially productive were the one-on-one sessions with the Microsoft team and the MCTs.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our dinner party which included a live band and a DJ. Kudos to the brave MCTs who got on the stage and did some singing (please keep your day jobs!)

Our host, Tomas and his wonderful family, took care of everybody like a true family.  From the daily events, evening events, to the final day of epic sight-seeing in and around Vilnius, all the events were delivered seamlessly and with tender care.  Thank you Tomas!

As a reminder MCTs can gain access to our Microsoft Labs Online by validating their MCID and the associated email address here. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the MCT Readiness Guide.

Highlights of the event are below!


XtremeLabs Support Microsoft Ready 2019!

XtremeLabs supported Microsoft’s Enterprise Skills Initiative during the internal Ready event in Las Vegas, NV last week. During the event XtremeLabs hosted a series of live hands-on labs supporting training in Azure and cloud Data Science skills and technologies. The lab environments complemented the courseware, which was presented to over 800 attendees by Microsoft Certified Trainers throughout the event.

In all, a total of 1,585 lab sessions were launched by students during the week and used to practice real-world cloud scenarios in Microsoft Azure.

XtremeLabs is Proud to Sponsor InstructureCon 2019!

XtremeLabs was proud to sponsor InstructureCon 2019! We want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth! It was a wonderful event and was exciting to meet a lot of new faces from around the world from as far as China, Australia, Singapore, and as close as the many K-12, colleges and universities located all over California.

Our experience and history of partnering with academic institutions, instructors and students speak for itself in our enrollment numbers:

  • 1,200+ academic institutions worldwide, from large institutions to smaller schools with a single IT instructor.
  • 1,700+ instructors and lecturers, giving us a strong base of academic instructors experienced with our platform.
  • 6,600+ semester classes of varying depth and complexity.
  • 67,300+ unique academic students from beginning IT students to experts of cybersecurity, machine learning, and big data.

We are looking forward to beginning and continuing our work with many of you who showed interest in how our labs will be able to help you in your classroom environments with your students.

XtremeLabs Attends TICE 2019!

XtremeLabs was a sponsor at the 2019 Training Industry Conference & Expo (TICE) event this past week in North Carolina where we met and had great conversations with many learning professionals. Much valuable insights and connections were made with Leaders from the learning and development world. Many noted speakers shared their work and life experiences with the attendees in the various sessions held over the two days in Raleigh, North Carolina. Highlights from the event are below!

XtremeLabs Attends the Cyber Defense Conference!

The Western Hemisphere’s Cyber Defense Conference is being held in Bogota, Colombia on 14-15 May 2019. Officials from across the Western Hemisphere are attending from  27 Member Countries: Ministers of Defense, Commanders of the Armed Forces, and those responsible for Cyber Commands. The conference is designed to address macro level cyber strategies within the Ministries/Departments of Defense in the region as well as the technical/operational issues that accompany the implementation of cyber strategies. USSOUTHCOM, USNORTHCOM, USCYBERCOM, the OSD, NATO, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Peru are participating at the highest relevant levels .The President of Colombia inaugurated the event.  XtremeLabs is a proud sponsor of the event and is working closely with the Cyber Commanders on their training requirements which includes instructor led training blended with the XtremeLabs labs and ranges custom made for the various countries and their cyber training programs.