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Experiential Learning

The Future of Workforce Development

What are you doing to prepare for the future or work?

The long-awaited book that captures the thought leadership of 14 edtech company founders, executives, educators, and researchers!

“The onus is on organizations and individual workers to ensure that humans and technology can effectively co-exist, co-create, and collaborate. This implies upgrading our skills and our uniquely human skills.” – Dr. Alma Gonzalez

“Blended learning connects the purpose and the meaning between the content and the learner. It’s about challenging learners, putting the learner at the center, challenging them to have much higher expectations than walking into a classroom and a lecture-based classroom.” – Catherine Curtis 

“We want something like the hands-on labs, things such as those that are provided by XtremeLabs, a robust lab environment that creates a controlled environment to ensure that the lessons can be taught without distraction, and the lessons can be repeated over and over until the learner correctly and completely takes them in.” – Khalaf Haddad

“When you’re trying to create a data-driven organization, you need people who will lead ethically, be informed of the emerging technologies, and identify data talent.” – Megan Smith Branch